Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who/What Influences Kids and How Does This Change Your Ministry?

Now, consider the following . . .
  • media - movies, television, books, internet and music are five powerful influences in our lives and in the lives of the children and families in our ministries 
  • the messages from these sources of media remain in our minds and heart and shape the way we think, believe and our behavior
Here's a question for you - how do we use media to communicate with the children and families in our ministries?
  • family and public policy also shape what we think, believe and how we behave
  • the typical church family has almost no spiritual life together - they may go to church together, but even there they separate and go to their "own" areas of the church for ministry
  • in the home where families spend the most time together, faith is not an essential part of their time together
Here's a few more questions for you - do these influences push us toward understanding, desiring and wanting to live for Christ and what does it take to really facilitate real Christian living? Do these questions require any changes in the way you approach children's ministry at your church? If so, how do these questions change what you are doing in your ministry?

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