Thursday, September 22, 2011

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra Groovy CD!

I'm extremely happy for the opportunity to share a new CD for your children's ministry and for the families in your church . . . Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - Groovy! I first saw this group on Go Fish Guy's 2010 VBS and am delighted to learn of their continued collaboration - they signed with gfk Records to make this CD. It is as Denver says, “'a really cool marriage,'” noting each group benefited from the other. 'They’re vocally driven; we’re instrumentally driven.' Plus they had more fun than grown men should be allowed to have, choosing songs from their own childhoods and writing new cuts for their new—if slightly shorter—audience." 

Groovy has 10 songs - I Am A Promise, Movin' To the Beat, Croovy, All Of MY Heart, Man Gave Names to All the Animals (Featureing Go Fish), Sunday School Swing, Groovy A, B, Cs, Brand New Day, Prayin' Man, and Get Down. You can hear the songs at this link. These are songs children will sing and dance to, parents will enjoy and most importantly, songs which communicate the messages we want our children to hear and sing! This is absolutely a "must-have" CD for children's ministries and for families as it has all the components we have come to love from Go Fish Guys - harmonies, tunes which get you dancing and solid messages and combines it with the amazing big band sounds . . . it is unlike anything else your kids can listen to!

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