Friday, November 18, 2011

Child Safety and Our Ministries.

Last month I posted about child abuse and with all the attention in the media on this topic, I decided to re-post and add a few additional thoughts. First, the re-post . . . 

Child abuse. It is one of the things which most clearly shows our world is "broken". It is something which I'm absolutely surely breaks the heart of Jesus. Sadly, it is something we see all too often in children's ministry. Wayne Stocks, the guy who brings us Kidmin1124 and Divorce Ministry 4 Kids, has posted some excellent resources on child abuse . . . take some time to read and put them to use in your ministry . . . 

We need to know what to watch for and what to do when we suspect a child is being harmed. These resources will help us do exactly this. Thank you Wayne for providing these much needed tools.

Take a moment to watch this video, "Dear Mr. Jesus" and commit to do what you can to protect children. 

Now, for a few additional thoughts. We need to be absolutely committed to being certain our children's ministries are a safe place for children. If you do not have a child safety policy . . . GET ONE. Do it NOW. Check my post on how to determine a child safety policy, talk with churches near you and ask if you could see their child safety policy then sit down with people from your church and get a policy in writing. Once you have your policy, give it to all volunteers, all parents and all leaders in your church. Include it in every training you have and follow it to the letter. We MUST do everything we can to be sure our ministries do not experience the problems which we are watching unfold at Penn State. 

Watch. Be alert. Pay attention. And if you see a child who is being harmed or are concerned about an adult - ACT! 

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