Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Remember: Actions Speak Louder . . .

One of the pastors at my church posted a video link on his facebook yesterday about National Back to Church Sunday. It got me to thinking . . . 

  • what impact does it actualy make on children - and adults - when we say they are welcome, but our actions do not really back those words up?
  • what would a truly "honest" video about the actions of our church look like?
  • why should anyone really want to set foot inside our church?
  • I guess church isn't really for girly men! - At least I wouldn't want to say it was to the men in the video :^)
Seriously, what do our "actions" say about the type of church we are? It can be so very easy to say a person is "welcome" and we want them to "belong", but do our "actions" really show this? Consider the following -
  • if we really want children - and adults - to feel like they "belong" to our church, are we diligent about watching for the "cracks" people can "fall though"?
  • what do we do if we find a "crack"? - do we ignore it while it becomes the "grand canyon"?
  • are we serious enough about wanting our church to be a place where anyone and everyone can really belong to take a clear and honest look and then to act?
Remember: Actions speak louder than words!

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