Friday, July 29, 2011

Sneak Peek . . . Vacation Bible School 2012 - Operation Overboard from Cokesbury!

Operation Overboard

Publisher - Cokesbury
Theme - Dare to Go Deep With God - children will plunge into Bible stories of people with deep faith and learn to trust a God Whose love is deeper than the sea!

I'm Looking Forward to - seeing what Cokesbury does with connecting each day's point to creatures in the sea! This should be interesting and fun for kids and help them remember the point of the Bible lessons, so I'm curious to see what they are doing with this! It looks like many publishers are focusing on trusting God with their 2012 VBS, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with this theme!

Bible Points -

Day 1 - Noah Depends on God Depend on God - Genesis 6 & 8
Day 2 - A Servant Girl Dares to Care - Dare to Care - 2 Kings 5
Day 3 - John Proclaims Jesus - Claim Jesus - Matthew 3:1-17
Day 4 - The Disciples Choose to Follow Jesus - Choose to Follow - Luke 5:1-11
Day 5 - Paul Delivers Good News - Change the World - Acts 27

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