Friday, July 1, 2011

Sneak Peek . . . Vacation Bible School 2012 - IncrediWorld Amazement Park from Answers in Genesis!

IncrediWorld Amazement Park
Publisher - Answers in Genesis                                                                                      Theme - A Thrill Ride through God's Creation! AiG says, "At IncrediWorld, we want to give God the glory He deserves for who He is and what He has made! Your kids will go wild as they experience God’s incredible world of wonders and learn that the Bible tells the truth in Genesis 
IncrediWorld logo
about God creating all things in six actual days! They’ll find out that true science supports the biblical account!" 
I'm Looking Forward to - finding out the specifics about this VBS - other than the theme, there really isn't a lot of information currently available. As they release more specifics, I'll update this post!

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