Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Student Bible - Compact - 6/2004

NIV Student Compact, LTD (New International Version)Student Bible - Compact
Notes by - Philip Yancey
& Tim Stafford
Publisher - Zondervan
  • Favorite Features -
    • NIV for ease of understanding
    • Duo-Tone with space to personalize with 10 preprinted cards or write your own
    • Duo-Tone over hard cover - I love this combination and hope to see many more like this!
    • information on how to use the Student Bible
    • 3-track plan for reading the Bible
    • overview of the Old and New Testaments
    • introduction to each book of the Bible with hints how to read and high points as well as people you'll meet
    • guided tour of the Bible in 180 days -
      • Scripture
      • devotional thoughts
      • reflection/application questions
    • 100 People you should know from the Bible
    • highlights/insights throughout
    • how to join God's family
    • overview of Biblical events
    • ministry of Jesus, Jesus' miracles, parables and teaching
    • Jesus last week, resurrection appearances
    • notable Psalms
    • outline of Old Testament
    • index/timeline of the Kings
    • subject guide, map and index
    This is a great Bible for teens, college age young people and anyone who is a student of the Bible. I love the study notes - they help bring so much clarity and understanding to God's Word. Tremendously well done Philip, Tim and Zondervan!

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