Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grandmother's Bible - 11/2010

  • Favorite Features -
    • NIV for ease of understanding
    • filled with special features for grandmothers -
      • Grandchild in focus prayers
      • praying the Scriptures
      • stories to share
      • 365 daily devotions
      • perspectives on the joys and challenges of being a grandmother
      • talking points on finding God and more
    • topical/feature index
    • photo sleeve to put a picture of your grandchild
    • space for information on each grandchild and room for them to sign their name
    • space for prayer requests
    • introduction to each Book of the Bible with a verse to remember, info on the Author, date written, who it was written for and why it was written
    Beautiful Bible any grandmother would love! Filled with devotions by women such as Ruth Graham, Elisa Morgan, and Elizabeth George and designed to help grandmas grow in their faith and know how to pass it on to their grandchildren! Tremendously well done!

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