Thursday, March 17, 2011

Draw with Jonah & Friends - 9/2003

Draw with Jonah & Friends
Author - Cindy Kenney
Illustrators - Greg Hardin, Robert Vann
and your child
Publisher - ZonderKidz
Ages - 6 and under

  • Favorite Features:
    • sturdy board book
    • bright, colorful illustrations with the Jonah "friends"
    • book encourages children to draw pictures with crayons to complete the pictures - they then wipe off with paper towel for more drawing fun later
    • encourages imagination and creativity as well as recalling the story of Jonah
    This is a tremendous book for young children! They will truly enjoy being able to draw and draw and draw! Tremendously well done Cindy, Greg, Robert and ZonderKidz!

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