Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Special Family Pick - See the Light - the Crossmaker Easter Story & Art Lessons!

I'm delighted to have the opportunity to share with you an amazing resource fromSee the Light . . . and let you know about a special drawing I'll be having where I have one to give away!

See the Light is the unique series of Bible stores created by Pat Holt where they come to life as gifted artist Gloria Kohlmann, "develops a colorful canvas of chalk art. Then, at the story's climax, an ultraviolet light reveals a hidden picture which reinforces the story with a truly memorable moment." The Crossmaker DVD features a story about the crossmaker, Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection! But this is only the beginning! You will find three step-by-step art class lessons which a child, class of children and/or adults may follow along with to learn to draw with colored pencils, chalk and water-colors . . . all built around the excitement of the glory of the resurrection! In addition, you will be able to follow along as Gloria explains how to draw her lovely chalk art of the Easter Lesson or watch while she draws and listen to music performed by "Breathing Room"!
This dvd is far more than just a story for children and families to watch . . . the message of the cross and Jesus' death and resurrection is clearly presented in a way many have never experienced before! The Crossmaker dvd could be a wonderful addition to your children's ministry Resurrection Sunday!

I especially love how the See the Light artists so clearly and so simply take those watching step-by-step through learning how to draw, not just one project, but three interesting and fun projects; showing anyone can learn to draw!

Thank you See the Light for sending the Crossmaker for my review! I highly recommend it! Thank you also for making another copy available to give away in a special drawing! If you have "liked" About the Children's Department using the tab in the "follow us on facebook" box on About the Children's Department, then you are entered in this special drawing for the Crossmaker Easter Story & Art Lessons! If you haven't "liked" us yet, take a moment to do so and you will be entered in the drawing! It is this simple! In addition, you may have a second entry in the drawing by "following" us with the tab on About the Children's Department which says, "follow with Google friend connect". And special for this drawing, you may have a third entry if you take a moment to vote for About the Children's Department in the kidmin blog madness competition - East Regional #4! Just send me a message or email to let me know you voted and I'll enter your name an extra time in the drawing as a thank-you for voting!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Marshmallow Clouds - 9/2003

Marshmallow CloudsMarshmallow Clouds
Author - Leslie Parrott
Illustrator - Terry Taylor
Publisher - ZonderKidz
Age - 4 to 8
  • amazing, colorful, creative, fun, dimensional illustrations!
  • rhyming, fun story about being thankful and how God's ways are best always
  • encourages conversation between parents/caretakers/teachers and children
    This is an excellent book for parents to read with their children as both parents and children will enjoy the story and children will be able to understand the messages. Extremely well done Leslie, Terry and ZonderKidz!

Best of All - 9/2003

Best of AllBest of All 
Author - Max Lucado
Illustrator - Sergio Martinez
Publisher - Crossway Books
Ages 4 and up
  • Favorite Features:
    • another powerful story from Max Lucado
    • communicates important message that we are all special the way we are because God made us as we are
    • communicates how God has a plan for us exactly as we are
    • colorful, familiar illustrations
    • encourages communication between parent and child or teacher and child
    I highly recommend this book for families and church classes of all ages. We all need to be encouraged with the message of our true value in the sight of God and what a tremendous opportunity to help young children understand this as a child so as they grow they will always know this to be true! Tremendously well done Max, Sergio and Crossway!

I Can Talk with God - God Knows My Name - 9/2003

I Can Talk with GodI Can Talk with God
Author/Illustrator - Debby Anderson 
Publisher - Crossway Books
Ages - 3 to 7 
God Knows My Name
  • Favorite Features:
    • colorful, truly enjoyable, adorable illustrations certain to delight and engage children!  Tremendous!
    • illustrations reflect children of different races as well as children with physical challenges - Tremendous!
    • both books effectively communicate important messages about prayer and God's love for us
    • Scripture throughout
    I highly recommend these books for families and church classes of preschool age children. These books will generate lots of conversation and are sure to be thoroughly enjoyed by children! The messages are clearly presented and completely understandable by young children! Tremendously well done Debby and Crossway! I hope to see more books along this line from Debby!

You Are Special - 9/2003

You Are SpecialYou Are Special
Author - Max Lucado
Animated/Produced by
Impact Entertainment
and Crossway Books
Ages 3 and up
  • Favorite Features:
    • based on the tremendous book by the same title
    • excellent, dimensional animation
    • brings to "life" the characters from the book
    • important message of God's love/acceptance
    • generates conversation between children and parents/teachers
    I highly recommend this video for use at home and church. Extremely well done Max, Impact Entertainment and Crossway Books!

Hermie: A Common Caterpillar - 9/2003

Hermie:  A Common Caterpillar
Hermie: A Common Caterpillar Picture Book (Just Like Jesus Story (Hardcover))Hermie: A Common Caterpillar (A Just Like Jesus Story)Hermie: A Common Caterpillar
Board Book
Author - Max Lucado Publisher - Tommy Nelson Ages - 2 and up
  • Favorite Features:
    • incredible, colorful, engaging 3-D animation/illustrations
    • Video/DVD has the voices of Don Knotts and Tim Conway
    • communicates powerful message of how you are special just as you are and God has a plan just for you
    These resources encourage conversation between parents/teachers and children and I encourage you to take advantage of this and talk with your kids about the messages in these books/videos. Extremely well done Max and Tommy Nelson!

Draw with Jonah & Friends - 9/2003

Draw with Jonah & Friends
Author - Cindy Kenney
Illustrators - Greg Hardin, Robert Vann
and your child
Publisher - ZonderKidz
Ages - 6 and under

  • Favorite Features:
    • sturdy board book
    • bright, colorful illustrations with the Jonah "friends"
    • book encourages children to draw pictures with crayons to complete the pictures - they then wipe off with paper towel for more drawing fun later
    • encourages imagination and creativity as well as recalling the story of Jonah
    This is a tremendous book for young children! They will truly enjoy being able to draw and draw and draw! Tremendously well done Cindy, Greg, Robert and ZonderKidz!

Jonah Movie "Books" - 9/2003

Jonah and the Pirates Who (Usually) Don't Do Anything
Jonah Even Fish Slappers Need a Second Chance

Even Fish-Slappers
Need a Second Chance
Author - Eric Metaxas
Illustrators - Greg Hardin
& Robert Vann

Jonah -
The Pirates Who
Usually Don't Do Anything 
Authors - Cindy Kenney
and Eric Metaxas
Illustrators- Ron Eddy
& Robert Vann

A Worm's Eye View
Author - Cindy Kenney
Illustrated by
Big Idea Design
Publisher - ZonderKidz Ages 4 to 8 

  • Favorite Features:
    • bright, colorful, engaging, fun illustrations
    • encourages children to recall the story of Jonah
    • brings their Jonah Movie friends back in a book format
    • large, well made books are sure to be favorites for years
    If your child loved the Jonah Movie, these books are a tremendous way to encourage conversation between parents and children about the messages in the movie/books. Tremendously well done Cindy, Eric, Greg, Robert, Ron, Big Idea and ZonderKidz!

Best Friends - 9/2003

Best FriendsBest Friends
Illustrator - Thomas Kinkade
Publisher - Tommy Nelson
Ages - 9 and up
  • Favorite Features:
    • incredible, enjoyable artwork from Thomas Kinkade
    • short stories from classic books for children -
      • Little Women
      • Heidi
      • Anne of Green Gables
      • The Ragmakers
      • Hellen Keller
      • Harriet Tubman
      • Sacagawea & Jumping Fish
      • Secret Garden
    • stories effectively communicate about the value of friendship
    This book makes a nice gift for a young girl. Very nicely done Thomas and Tommy Nelson!

Come to my Tea Party - 9/2003

Come to My Tea Party: Kindness and Friendship for Young Ladies (Sandy's Tea Society)Come to my Tea Party
Author - Sandy Lynam Clough
Publisher - Harvest House
Ages 7 to 11
  • Favorite Features:
    • stories of friends and parties they had
    • recipes
    • crafts
    • stories of forgiveness and friendship, love, faith, hope and joy
    This book will be enjoyed by girls who love to have parties and get together with their friends. I like how it encourages girls to understand what friendship is and to then develop true friendships. Very nicely done Sandy and Harvest House!

Pray & Play Bible 2 - 9/2003

Pray & Play Bible 2Pray & Play Bible 2
Publisher - Group Publishing
Ages 2 and up

  • Favorite Features:
    • 14 familiar Bible stories
    • 140 activities to involve children in the point of the Bible stories
      • crafts
      • games
      • fingerplays
      • snacks
      • worship
      • service projects
      • music
      • prayers
    • colorful, visually engaging, variety of illustrations
    I love this book for families to use at home with their preschool age childre as well as an extra resource for the preschool ministry at church. Tremendously well done Group Publishing! As with Pray & Play Bible 1, I would truly love to see this in a smaller, easy to carry to church size for preschool children!

NIV renew Bible - 11/2010

  • Favorite Features -
    • NIV for ease of understanding
    • 26 full-color inserts with Scripture and reflection
    • slim style
    • teal linen cover
    • includes a scented bookmark
    • concordance and maps
    • words of Christ in red
    • studies on authentic living, Psalms, friendship and love
    • reading plans to learn more about Jesus
    Lovely Bible with features to encourage and challenge - I love giving Bibles as gifts and this one would make a wonderful gift for the busy lady on your list! Extremely well done!

NIV Bible - 11/2010

  • Favorite Features -
    • NIV for ease of understanding
    • slim, portable size
    • includes a concordance and maps
    • words of Christ in red
    • unique, craft-paper binding with plum design
    Inexpensive and yet quite stylish, this Bible is great to give as a gift! Elastic cord adds to the style and function of this Bible! Extremely well done!

Grandmother's Bible - 11/2010

  • Favorite Features -
    • NIV for ease of understanding
    • filled with special features for grandmothers -
      • Grandchild in focus prayers
      • praying the Scriptures
      • stories to share
      • 365 daily devotions
      • perspectives on the joys and challenges of being a grandmother
      • talking points on finding God and more
    • topical/feature index
    • photo sleeve to put a picture of your grandchild
    • space for information on each grandchild and room for them to sign their name
    • space for prayer requests
    • introduction to each Book of the Bible with a verse to remember, info on the Author, date written, who it was written for and why it was written
    Beautiful Bible any grandmother would love! Filled with devotions by women such as Ruth Graham, Elisa Morgan, and Elizabeth George and designed to help grandmas grow in their faith and know how to pass it on to their grandchildren! Tremendously well done!

Zondervan Handbook to the Bible - 9/2005

Zondervan Handbook to the Bible, Revised EditionZondervan Handbook to the Bible
Publisher - Zondervan
  • Favorite Features -
    • color maps and charts throughout
    • time lines for biblical and world history
    • information, pictures, graphs of Bible times
    • information on translations and English versions of the Bible
    • walks through each Book in the Bible, verse by verse to explain and set in the time and culture
    Excellent, easy to use resource. Tremendously well done, Zondervan! If you have just one resource you must have for Bible study, this is it!